Throw a bridal shower or a bachelorette party for your girl friend with these creative bridal shower ideas!

Bridal Shower vs Bachelorette Party?

You can throw your friend one or the other, or both! But before you make that final decision, make sure you understand the difference between them.

A bridal shower's main idea is to shower the bride-to-be with gifts related to the shower theme. So anybody invited to a bridal shower is expected to come with a gift for the bride-to-be.

Somebody attending a bachelorette party, on the other hand, is usually not expected to bring any gift. Since the main idea of this party is to give the bride-to-be a good time, guests of bachelorette parties may be expected to pitch in a dollar or two for the bride's drinks, meal, shopping spree, or spa services.



Have no idea where to start? This bridal shower planning guide will be a great help for all first time party throwers. Experienced throwers need not read through this, since we bet you're already an expert, and just want to check out those amazing ideas we promised you.

We have lots of shower themes, from the typical Around the Clock theme, to Envelope, Luau, just to name a few. And here at Creative Bridal Shower Ideas, throwing a theme-based shower means your theme is seen from your invitation card down to your menu. So be sure to check our theme ideas out!


Speaking of invitations, you can opt to get our FREE bridal shower or bachelorette party invitations or make use of the free wedding cliparts that we put together to create your own invites. Although most of our invitations are ready to be used, we highly recommend customizing them a bit, since you know your guests better, and your inputs will help entice your guests to RSVP.

That takes care of your party invitation, but there's still your bridal shower games to think about. No worries, you could get theme-based game ideas at our bridal shower theme page, or some general games at our printable bridal shower games or bachelorette party games page.

Most of our game ideas means some preparation on your part, so if you prefer ready-to-print party games, then you must absolutely check out BridalShowerGamesAtoZ so as to get your hands on dozens of printable and theme-based games


But before you say done, finding the right bridal shower gifts for your guests and friends should be next on your agenda. We highly recommend bridal shower favors that are useful, pretty and very fitting to your chosen theme.

If you have that taken care of, then you're all set to have your most AMAZING bridal shower yet!





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New Bridal Shower Ideas


March 1 Update:

Check out this shared idea from Debbie S about a cool memory piece called Tapestree that can be a cool shower or wedding gift.

January 6 Update:

Throwing her a kitchen themed shower? We have a new word search game inspired by kitchen bridal showers, which we're calling a Spice Hunt game because that's the idea behind said game, it's all about hunting for names of different spices and herbs amidst a jumble of letters. If you love it, this is where you can find our kitchen free bridal shower games and activities.

December 30 Update:

Finally, this week's update is about a new bridal shower theme, a country themed bridal shower to be specific. If she loves the great outdoors and/or the countryside, then why not shower her with tons of stuff that will make her appreciate the country more, from a trip to the nearest countryside or as simple as showering her with the freshest produce. That should make her bridal send-off extra special and very fitting!

December 16 Update:

If your favorite couple prefer to be both present on her bridal shower, then a coed bridal shower theme is perfect for them! And if you have yet to find a fitting bridal shower activity for the shower, you might want to consider our Famous Couple Bridal Shower BIngo. Interested? This is where you can get said co-ed wedding shower games

December 9 Update:

If you're throwing your friend a lingerie bridal shower, a stock the bar one, or anything wherein lots of drinks and being tipsy is part of the shower theme, then you might want to add our newest game, our Cocktails Bingo, which is a fun shower games for bridal shower!





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